Measure What Matters

A platform that combines social impact reporting, employee sentiment & engagement, and customer communication tools. We use a patented algorithm to measure your impact and gamification tools to activate your audience and build brand loyalty.

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Impact Calculator

Create real-time impact reports through the collection of redemption data from key social impact categories:

- Community Involvement
- Corporate Governance
- Corporate Philanthropy
- Diversity Equity & Inclusion
- Ethical & Cause Marketing
- Socially Responsible Business Practices
- Sustainability Efforts

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Gamified Campaigns

Promote community activism, improve corporate culture and increase loyalty/retention.

Campaigns feature more than 70 gamification elements like leaderboards, challenges (stories, volunteering, donations), badges and achievements.

Measure contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), corporate pillars, and other custom attributes.

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Engagement Surveys

A unique and powerful way to survey employees on their attitudes, engagement and perceptions while also providing a comprehensive data collection tool.

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Data & Analytics

Machine learning & patented algorithms analyze data, providing valuable insights and key learning from redemption data, campaigns, and other services.

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Embed Our Tech

Measure What Matters is a SaaS product built on cutting-edge technology for the purpose of tracking, measuring, reporting, and engaging on social impact.

Widgets can be embedded on your website, social media, or intranet and styled with CSS to match your page design.

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